Anger as road repair delay stops access to disabled residents’ homes

Closed: The access issue at Claremount Road
Closed: The access issue at Claremount Road

A daughter has criticised a company’s delay in repairing a road, taking a week and leaving it fenced off at an access point to two disabled people’s bungalows.

Susan Betts said repair had been left for a week after the pipe burst problem at Claremount Road, Boothtown, on June 30.

Yorkshire Water have explained a specialist contractor repair was needed to complete the job and there was another access point to reach the bungalows if an emergency had arisen.

Susan said her housebound mother and her brother, who used a wheelchair, were affected. She did not wish to name them as they were vulnerable, and YW had been informed of the need for medical access.

The only adequate access to the bungalows is across Gordon Street at the end of Claremount Road, said Susan. A doctor had to be called out one evening and was unable to drive within 150 yards, reinforcing her feeling that if an ambulance or the fire brigade had to be called they would have had no chance of getting to their homes. Another access at the bottom of the road was on an often blocked-by-cars unadopted road, she said.

Katrina Feather from Yorkshire Water said due to the amount of consequential damage caused by the burst, it required a specialist contractor to attend to complete the road repairs.

There was an alternate access via the back of Boothtown Road off Gordon St, with an access point at the junction with Mill Lane which is suitable for emergency vehicles, she said.