Anguish as mum loses second son

A MUM is reeling after losing her second son in four months.

Distraught Adele Wallace, 41, told the Courier of her double heartache after the death of Christopher “Spud” Wallace, 20, in a car crash last week.

His death followed

that of his older brother’s, Nicky, 22, who committed suicide in September.

“I am numb. I have been walking around rocking and crying and the doctor has given me some pills,” said Miss Wallace, of Sharket Head Close, Queensbury.

Spud was a passenger in a black Ford Focus which smashed into a sandwich shop at Halifax Road, Buttershaw, Bradford, in the early hours of Thursday. The other young man in the car has not been named.

“He was always smiling, a beautiful lad - both my boys were and both went to college,” said Miss Wallace.

“Spud was always laughing, even when Nicky died, he would laugh in front of people and go to bed to cry.

“He was clingy to me. He was not just my friend, he was my best pal.”

Both brothers used to work at Tesco, Canal Road, Bradford, and after his brother died Spud transferred, via his employer, Advance Security, to the Queensbury store.

Spud, who kept himself fit at the gym also did weekend “door” work.

He had been struggling to come to terms with his brother’s death and had time off work.

Miss Wallace said around 10.30 am on Thursday she got a phone call from a friend who said it was bad, terrible news.

“I still did not think it was `my` news,” she said.

When she was told Spud had been in a road accident she still could not comprehend he was also dead and she would never see him again.

She is being comforted by friends and relatives.

“I want myself to wake up, I really do,” she said.

Spud, has a 16-month old son, Brooklyn, who lives in Bradford with his mother.

“Even though Spud had a girlfriend and baby he never moved out. I saw him every day.

“He was planning hsi 21st birthday and was going to get a limo and start drivng lessons.”

Miss Wallace said the death of Nicky, was also a bolt out-of-the blue. He hanged himself in Bowling Park, Bradford.

“I knew Nicky was a bit down but the last time I saw him he had been showing me his wallpaper and laminate flooring and that night he had taken his sister, Stacey, out for a Chinese meal,” she said.

“There was no depression whatsoever.”

** Police are still investigating Thursday’s crash which happened shortly before 4 am and did not involve any other vehicles.