Another top role for our Elland Rotarian

Allan Jagger
Allan Jagger

LEADING Elland rotarian Allan Jagger has been elected as a director of Rotary International.

He was chosen through an election of all 1,585 rotary clubs in Britain and Ireland and takes up his two-year position in July.

Mr Jagger recently served as president for Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland.

In 2008 he met billionaire U.S. businessman and former Microsoft boss Bill Gates to thank him for his £50 million donation to rotary to help eradicate polio.

Mr Jagger will now join a board of 20 elected rotarians drawn from over 200 countries that make up Rotary International.

“I am honoured to represent the 55,000 Rotarians from Great Britain and Ireland, who through their daily lives give service to others translating their passions into relevant social causes that change the lives in communities locally, nationally and internationally,” said Mr Jagger, of Hullen Edge Road, Elland.

Rotary International represents 34,000 clubs located in 34 geographical areas.

The responsibility of the board is to oversee corporate governance delivering service to people around the world.

Millions of pounds are spent annually on humanitarian and educational programmes, which include disease prevention, water and sanitation, maternal and childcare, and economic and community development.

The current number one priority for rotarians is the eradication of polio worldwide.

Mr Jagger is a retired businessman. He and his wife ran Ardeth Engineering in Elland.

He remains chairman of Kirkdale Industrial Training Services, Brighouse.