Anti-fracking protesters gather in Hebden Bridge

'Get your fracking hands off Ryedale' was the message from the Frackfree Planet picket outside the Hebden Bridge branch of Barclays Bank yesterday.

Calderdale members of the group handed out leaflets to Barclays Bank customers and passers by.

They take issue with Barclays’ ownership of Third Energy, the company that plans to frack at Kirkby Misperton In North Yorkshire.

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Just before Christmas, the High Court rejected a legal move to stop plans for fracking at a well to the south-west of the village.

Sarah Dawson, who organised the picket, said: “I think people in Hebden Bridge would want to know that a local bank is using their money to invest in a company which is responsible for the fracking in Yorkshire and that they can move their money to a more ethical bank quite easily.”

Protestor Dongria Kondh added: “As one of the flood-hit businesses in Hebden Bridge, Barclays needs to wake up to the impact of climate change and stop funding fossil fuel extraction which will only make matters worse.”

A spokesperson for Barclays said: “Through Global Natural Resources Investments, Barclays has a majority stake in Third Energy: a British business with a history of investment and good corporate citizenship in North Yorkshire.

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“Third Energy has been drilling, developing and producing gas in the region for over 20 years, with an excellent environmental and safety record.

“We are conscious of the concerns of local communities and other groups over potential environmental and community impacts, which we take seriously and will continue to monitor. We have worked closely with Third Energy to ensure their plans are compatible with our values.”