Archbishop’s lunch drop-in

Meeting: Volunteers and visitors to St Augustine's meet Dr John Sentamu
Meeting: Volunteers and visitors to St Augustine's meet Dr John Sentamu

THE Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, spent the day visiting charities and groups in Halifax.

He visited Trinity Academy, St Augustine’s Centre and Dean Clough and had a breakfast meeting with the clergy at Halifax Minster yesterday.

He met volunteers and charity workers in the garden at Hanson Lane while Sambalifax played.

Dr Sentamu praised the charity, which helps aslyum seekers and refugees.

He said: “When you can get people to sit together, coming from all kinds of different traditions and backgrounds, sharing a common value that’s fantastic.

“Some people here are Muslims, some Sikh, Hindu and some have no faith but all of them speak of experiencing the love of God in this place.

“If we could replicate this in every community, the country would be a different nation.”

Rev John Hellewell said the archbishop’s visit was praise for the centre’s volunteers and staff. “It’s recognition for all the people who come and use the centre and the volunteers to celebrate the things that they do.”

After joining volunteers for lunch, the archbishop toured the facilities before leaving to visit Dean Clough.

Earlier in the day he was grilled by students during two question and answer sessions at Trinity Academy.

“The new building is going to be absolutely fantastic,” he said.

But his biggest praise was for students. “Some of their questions were amazing. They were all very serious life questions that you probably don’t expect to ask.”