Artist and four-year-old create best gift ever for ill granny

A Hebden Bridge artist has teamed up with a four-year-old girl to spread joy to a grandma and raise money for charity.

Friday, 9th March 2018, 2:15 pm
Updated Friday, 9th March 2018, 2:15 pm
This print is being sold to raise money for Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity

After her granny Denise became ill, Clarissa Greenfield wanted to cheer her up and decided to make a scrapbook filled with love letters.

After posting on Facebook that she’d like her love for her granny to reach around the world, she received over 200 responses.

As Clarissa was such a big fan of her work, her family contacted Catherine Davis, an artist and designer, who was only happy to help Clarissa make a present for her granny. Clarissa drew a colourful picture of two elephants representing her and her granny.

Four-year-old Clarissa

After adding her expert touch Catherine put the design on a cushion and aprons for when Clarissa and her granny bake together.

Catherine is now selling prints, mugs and cushions in a collection called ‘Clarissa’s Love’ and all of the proceeds will go to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity.

To see the collection, visit

Clarissas drawing she sent to Catherine Davis
Four-year-old Clarissa
Clarissas drawing she sent to Catherine Davis