Artist Paul’s eye on the English

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Artist Paul Slater, born in Lancashire in 1953, is one of the greatest illustrators working in Britain over the past 50 years.

He was voted “the illustrators’ illustrator” by fellow members of his profession and over the years his quixotic works have graced the pages of every British broadsheet and their sister magazines.

His wild inventions might be described as “Will Heath Robinson meets Rene Magritte who meets Bruce Bairnsfather before bumping into Fred Dibnah and they all go to the Shoulder of Mutton!”

Now a retrospective show of Slater’s work, “The Full English”, is about to go on show at The Artworks 1830 Gallery, Halifax.

Harriet Lawton, trainee curator at The Artworks, said: “This retrospective show has everything: great drawing, wonderful techniques and comic subject matter.”

The exhibition runs from Sunday, September 27 to Sunday, November 9. On Saturday, November 1 from 11am to 1pm, Paul Salter will take part in The Artworks’ Big Draw event.