Asda promises to beat rivals with cheapest petrol in town

New self service petrol station opens at Asda, Thrum Hall, Pellon
New self service petrol station opens at Asda, Thrum Hall, Pellon

A major superstore chain has opened a new petrol station in Halifax - and promised to beat all its rivals with the cheapest fuel.

Asda has boasted it will drive down the price of unleaded petrol and diesel for drivers in Calderdale - and urged rival companies to follow its lead.

The move could be wonder-fuel for motorists with savings of up to 3p a litre at the supermarkets new forecourt at Thrum Hall compared to other petrol stations in town.

And it seems the bargain prices of 128.7p for unleaded and 135.7p for diesel are beating most competitors, in a snapshot Courier survey of costs.

Ned Gibson, of Asda, said: “I think we’ve had about 200 plus cars come in on the first morning. Most people have been really happy about it.

He said he had worked the store’s fuel costs to be at 1.2 pence cheaper that the cheapest rival.

“I think it can help a lot of people, also if people are coming into the store they see the fuel station now open they can do both at the same time which is going to save them money.

“Asda has always been known to be the cheapest overall on fuel so that’s going to make others think the same or to be as close as possible to our prices.”

Philip Kenyon, store manager at Asda, added: “It’s great news for drivers that an Asda forecourt has arrived in the area to bring the lowest price fuel to the people of Halifax. Coupled with the everyday low costs found in our store, it will make a real difference in driving down the cost of living for the community.”

Motorists visiting the Asda’s new unmanned petrol station said they would be coming back.

Filling up, customer Julia Slater, of Siddal, Halifax, said: “I’ve come to do a friend’s shopping, I was just leaving and thinking ‘Oh I can get petrol here.’ It is convenient and cheap.”

Speaking of the lack of kiosk - a system which is now being rolled out nationwide, meaning that there is no risk of people driving off the forecourt without making payment as well as putting vulnerable employees at risk with large amounts of cash in the till - she said: “To be honest I looked and wondered where the kiosk was but straight away someone came over and explained and the machine’s very simple and easy to use.”

One rival supermarket petrol station is Morrisons at Keighley Road, Illingworth, which yesterday was charging 129.9p for its unleaded fuel and 136.9 for diesel.

Store manager Dave Hindle said: “All our petrol pricing is done by head office. They choose what it is, it will be as cheap as possible. It’s whatever Tesco does, Asda does.”

He said that Asda has notoriously been the cheapest though.

“Asda always will be,” said Mr Hindle, adding that he didn’t think it would change things at his store.

“Our customers are loyal to us, they come in for the goods really - not for the petrol, it’s just an added bonus really.”

At another five petrol stations around the Halifax area - prices remained last night on forecourts as they were the day before the Asda pumps opened on Wednesday.

The Shell garage at Salterhebble, Halifax, was charging 131.9 for unleaded and 138.9 for diesel as was the Esso petrol station at Skircoat Road, Halifax.

Sainsburys, Halifax was charging 129.9 for unleaded petrol and 136.9 for its diesel.

Asda petrol stations offer the lowest prices, allowing for savings of up to £50 a year in comparison to more expensive retailers.