Attack on protestors

A PROTEST over education cuts was overshadowed by angry confrontations.

The protestors, marching over the loss of the Education Maintenance Allowance, were barracked and abused by members of the public as they marched past a Halifax pub.

Around 30 youths turned out on Monday night to voice their opinions in the march that began at the Piece Hall before moving to the Town Hall and on to Lloyds Banking Group headquarters.

Protestors chanted songs and slogans over a megaphone including 'Oi you Tory s**ts, give us back our benefits.'

Before reaching the bank the protestors met with angry members of the public outside The White Horse pub, Southgate.

Abuse was shouted at the group before violent confrontations broke out. The protest was quickly moved on by organisers but the verbal abuse continued.

Once at the bank banners were unveiled saying 'Books not bonuses. Burn the banks'.

Chaim Narang, 17, who helped organise the protest, said: "The EMA benefit needs to be protected. We use it to get to school. We use it to eat. It's vital in ensuring education for those from the poorest families.

When asked about the opposition the protestors had met Mr Narang said: "When those people start to see their family's benefits being cut they will be joining us.

"There is a lot of ignorance but violence never solves anything."

The EMA, introduced in 2004, is paid to 16- to 19-year-olds who stay on in education.

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