Author’s feline fable inspired by quarry cats

Former Halifax Building Society administrator Jocelyn Wilby has written her first book for children based on the feral cats which lived ina quarry near her home.

‘The Quarry Cats’, published by Melrose Books, is aimed at nine-13 year olds and is inspired by the nocturnal visits of a family of cats to Pond Quarry at Hove Edge, Brighouse.

Jocelyn, who lives at Bolehill Park, Brighouse,said: “When we first moved here I noticed there were a lot of cats in the quarry. One evening, as I walked past, I noticed they were all sat in a circle as if they were holding a meeting and it gave me the germ of an idea for a story. I am a cat lover and I am fascinated by cats and their personalities.”

Jocelyn, who retired in 2007, has long been interested in writing and has attended writers’ groups over the years.

“I’d always wondered if I could write a book but it wasn’t until I retired that I had time to spend on it. I’ve really enjoyed doing it.”

The book is also inspired by Jocelyn’s travels in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean and has illustrations by Halifax artist Brian Oldroyd.