Awards for Calderdale special constables

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The outstanding commitment of Special Constables in Calderdale was in the spotlight at an annual awards evening to celebrate their achievements.

The event, held at the Elsie Whiteley Centre, on Wednesday 7th January, was an opportunity to show appreciation and reward excellent service by all the Special Constables who work with the regular constabulary but in their own time as volunteers.

The awards were handed out Chief Supt Angela Williams and Insp Allan Raw who gave trophies and certificates to Specials commending them for their service to Calderdale.

Special Constable Andrew Parker received the trophy for Student of the Year; Stephen Smith received the trophy for Special of the Year; all 15 Specials who worked the Tour de France were the Team of the Year. There was a Special Achievement Award for Special Constable Argie Dratzidis who started as a volunteer helping on community events before becoming interested in the Special Constabulary. He received the award due to his extraordinary positive influence and infectious enthusiasm during his first 6 months as a Special whilst also becoming a father for the first time.

Over the past 12 months, the 36 Specials within Calderdale District have given up 9928 hours of their time to Police Calderdale, equating to over five full time Police Officers.

Insp Allan Raw who attended the Awards Evening and manages the Special Constables portfolio within Calderdale, said “Special Constables are an integral part of policing in Calderdale and are a familiar sight at many of the District’s events throughout the year. This awards evening was a small way of saying thank you to them and reminding them that they are valued members of the Force. It was great to see so many of our Special Constables there, which highlights the enthusiasm and commitment they have shown throughout the year.”

“This is just one way in which members of the public can contribute to keeping their community safe. The Force’s Community Volunteer Scheme, whilst different to the Special Constabulary, allows people to assist the police in enhancing its service to the people of the District in many ways from community engagement events to calling back victims of crime to ensure our service is continually improved.”

West Yorkshire Police are currently recruiting Special Constables and further information along with details on applying can be found on If you are interested in volunteering within Calderdale or want to find out more about it please email for further information.