Axe looms as school’s future put in doubt

  • Calderdale Council’s Cabinet agree to begin a pre-consultation with parents
  • Five options are being considered all of which involving closing the school

The first steps in deciding the future of pupils and a village school which the condition has been described as ‘one of the worst in Calderdale’ have begun.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet agreed for a pre-consultation exercise to start with parents to look at relocating Cragg Vale Junior and Infant School’s pupils at other more appropriate site(s).

In the officers report it stated that the ‘school operates within an old Victorian building the condition of which is one of the worst of schools in Calderdale’.

“The future maintenance costs for the school far exceed the funds available. Due to the nature of the site and difficult access issues, simple maintenance costs are also often at a premium.

“In addition, structural concerns with the building are now being closely monitored.”

Officers are proposing that five options are considered in meeting the educational needs of pupils.

These five options are to close the Cragg Vale school site and to;

- amalgamate Cragg Vale pupils into an expanded Scout Road Academy Primary School.

- amalgamate Cragg Vale pupils into an expanded Burnley Road Academy Primary School.

- relocate Cragg Vale as a standalone school (Cragg Vale J&I School) on the Calder High School site.

- create an all through school at Calder High School (3 to 16 years) and amalgamate Cragg Vale pupils into that school.

- allow parents to make their own preference as to where to send their children to schools in the neighbouring areas (where sufficient surplus places exist).

The results in the pre consulation may result in a formal proposal to Cabinet after a statutory consultation process.