Band's debut album tribute to tragic Tudor

A MUSICIAN left devastated when his older brother died aged 16 will complete a vow the pair made as teenagers and release an album. Morgan Tatchell-Evans, 21, of Brockwell Lane, Triangle, promised to make Buen Chico, the pair's teenage group, a success after Tudor died of a heart defect six years ago.

And after being signed up to indie record label, Faith And Hope, the band – Morgan with Kirsty Dolan and Alan Kenworthy both 21 and of Leeds – will release their debut album Right To Rearrange in October.

Morgan said: "We've just finishing it and we've recorded a video for the new single, Choosing My Religion which will hopefully get some play on MTV2."

The former Triangle Primary and Sowerby Bridge High pupil said he was inconsolable when Tudor died.

"He was born with a weak heart but he was in good health so it came out of the blue. It was a massive shock because at that age I never even thought something like that could happen.

"I didn't ever think about stopping the band, though.

"We'd been doing it since we were 11 and it would not have been right to give up. It was his band really and I suppose I just carried it on. We've changed a lot since then, though."

And Dad Ashley, who manages the band, said he was delighted with his son's success.

"It's been a lot of hard work for everyone concerned. None of the group drive so I've had to be roadie but it seems it is all paying off.

"I know I'm biased but this record really would stand up against most of the stuff in HMV so we're certainly hoping for a top 100 place."

The group, who all live together in Leeds and have influences ranging from The Strokes to British Sea Power, will play a homecoming at the Puzzle Hall pub, Sowerby Bridge, on August 5.