Barn conversion gets turned down again

A HOMEOWNER will not be allowed to convert his barn into a home after an appeal to the planning inspector was refused.

John Roche had applied to convert a ground floor of Oaken Royd Barn, Longley Lane, Norland, into a residential property.

The conversion would have included adding a garden, windows and doors and include two car parking spaces.

Planning Inspector Victor Crumley agreed with a decision made by Calderdale Council in October last year.

He said the changes would not be keeping with the surroundings and would be “intrusive and unacceptable”.

“Though the number of size of additional openings is modest, these alterations would together change the character of the isolating rural building,” he said.

The barn, lies on a sloping field on a valley leading to the River Ryburn at the end of a narrow and steep lane which the inspector said would be impassable during winter.

“A house here would generate a considerable increase in vehicular movements along this route,” said Mr Crumley in his report.

The owner also planned on bringing a small herd of cattle to the site which lies on greenbelt land. He had argued the refusal by planning officers was against the trend of previous decisions.

Mr Roche argued the development would improve security but the inspector said this did not outweigh the negative effects of the development or building on greenbelt land.

He ruled that all the proposals combined together would have had an adverse impact on the land.

Mr Crumley also refused an application for costs.