Barrie Rutter will receive OBE honour

Barrie Rutter
Barrie Rutter

Respected actor Barrie Rutter will receive an OBE at Buckingham Palace after being recognised in the New Year Honours list.

For the last 23 years, Mr Rutter has been instrumental in establishing Halifax-based Northern Broadsides as one of the UK’s most respected and acclaimed touring theatre companies, cementing its position in regional theatre across the country as well as exporting great British theatre to an international audience.

He will be presented with the award on Thursday.

Born in 1946, Mr Rutter grew up in Hull, around the corner from actor Tom Courtney.

At school, an English teacher frog marched him into the school play because he had “the gob for it”, and feeling at home on stage, Rutter chose his future direction.

Northern Broadsides is a unique theatre company with a true northern voice.

Their work is characterised by theatrical inventiveness and robust performances from a large ensemble cast of multi-talented and charismatic Northern actors who all perform in their natural voices.

For the past 23 years, they have delighted audiences both at home and abroad.