Bashir case raised with Prime Minister

Mohammed Bashir, who was wrongly arrested.
Mohammed Bashir, who was wrongly arrested.

The case of an Elland man who was arrested, imprisoned and left stranded in Glasgow following a mistaken identity by police was brought to the attention of Prime Minister David Cameron.

Craig Whittaker, Conservative MP for Calder Valley, raised the case of Mohammed Naved Bashir, 35, in Parliament during Prime Ministers Question Time.

He said: “Mr Mohammed Naved Bashir, a constituent in the Calder Valley was arrested in December despite pointing out on numerous occasions he had a different name to the man they were wanting.

“They held him in prison cells in Halifax for three days and it was only confirmed that indeed they had arrested the wrong person when he was transported and presented to a judge in Glasgow.

“Will you ask the Home Secretary to look into this case and perhaps supply some answers to questions which Mr Bashir is not getting from the police.”

Mr Cameron said he would speak to Home Secretary Theresa May about Mr Bashir’s case.

Mr Cameron said: “This does sound a very concerning case. My understanding is that West Yorkshire Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the arrest and detention of Mr Bashir.

“I can’t give the House specifics in this case because it does involve ongoing legal action, but I will discuss it with the Home Secretary.

“One option would be for Mr Bashir to make a formal complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

“Let me try and get him some more information about that,” he said.