Bids in for a share of £65,000

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Voting is now open for Rastrick residents to have their say on £65,000 to be spent to benefit the children and young people in the community.

Rastrick Big Local is making the money available with 5,400 households now receiving a voting form.

There are fourteen bids for the funding on offer and who gets that funding will be decided by the people of Rastrick. Here are the projects and grant allocations:

Brick4Kidz requesting £6,240 to provide interactive and educational sessions using LEGO brick model builds from special kits in Rastrick.

Mrs Adamson’s Saturday morning IPad Club requesting £21,000 to help improve their literacy, numeracy, ICT skills using iPads.

Better Parks and Play areas for Rastrick requesting £65,000 to improve the parks in the community.

Dual Focus Media requesting £5,000 aims to change how media is accessed and created in Rastrick and other surrounding areas.

Rastrick High School Improve Sports Environment For RHS & Community Use Requesting £10,000 to help pay for fencing around playing fields from Thornhill Estates.

Rastrick Library Children’s Book Festival requesting £2,100 to provide a two day festival aimed at seven-14 year olds,

Field Lane Juniors & ROKT requesting £20,520 to use Roktagon climbing equipment.

Rastrick Cycle Group requesting £61,890 to install two bike tracks on the fields at the end of Carr Green Lane.

Brighouse Accessible Angling Project requesting £2,000 to provide access for all young people to local fishing in a safe environment.

Rastrick Bowling Club Family Sports requesting £3,100 to create a safe and secure environment for children to play, make new friendships and learn a new sport during family bowling sessions.

William Henry Smith and Longroyde School Pop Up Bistro requesting £24,469 to help to start the “Pop-up Bistro” – a versatile eatery serving freshly cooked, organic food at affordable prices.

Rastrick Juniors requesting £25,000 to install a modular building including changing rooms and Clubhouse.

Space @ Field Lane Centre requesting £20,000 to bring back to life and modernise Field Lane Community Centre. For more details about the bids visit