Bikers asked to take part in 'last ride' at funeral of pair killed in Cooper Bridge fishing tragedy

Flowers at Cooper Bridge
Flowers at Cooper Bridge

An appeal has gone out to find motorcyclists to take part in a tribute to a father and son who died in a fishing accident at Cooper Bridge

Martin Andrews, 43, and his son Jack, 19, from Pudsey, died on Father's Day weekend while magnet fishing in a canal.

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They had gone out together to trawl the waterway for metal objects, and the alarm was raised when dog walkers spotted their personal effects on the bank.

Martin's wife and Jack's mother Angela found out they were missing when a police officer answered her call to one of their mobile phones.

The deaths are not being treated as suspicious.

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A family friend, Donna Rowlands, posted a public appeal on Facebook to find bikers keen to join the funeral procession at a joint service for the pair.

"You may have heard the sad news of my friend losing her husband and son in a tragic magnet fishing accident. The funeral date is set and I am looking for any bikers who can help give the lads the best final journey and join their last ride. Please any bikers get in touch."

Donna can be contacted via her Facebook page.