Bikers roar into town!

The Bike and Scooter Show at Halifax Piece Hall
The Bike and Scooter Show at Halifax Piece Hall

Europe’s biggest one-day bike festival attracted hundreds of two-wheelers and thousands of visitors to Halifax Piece Hall today (Sun).

Big D’s Mods & Rockers Bike and Scooter Show kicked-off with a rideout from The George, Low Moor, Bradford.

Around 700 bikes and scooters took part and more arrived at the Piece Hall from Scotland to Devon and all areas inbetween.

Big D - Darren Fawthrop - is president of Calder Valley Satans Slaves whose members ran the show along with the Bradford Discharge Scooter Club.

He said up to 10,000 people attended.

People mingled around the Piece Hall shops and stalls and row after row of bikes and scooters.

Children’s rides, dancing competitions and music also kept the visitors entertained.

“It’s a great event and a good day out,” said Mr Fawthrop.

Dot Gough, of Huddersfield, was with the West Yorkshire branch of the Christian Motorcyle Association and the Christian Scooterists running a “helmet park” for the riders.

“The Piece Hall is a fantastic venue and I like it here because of the interaction between motorcyclists, scooter riders and the general public,” she said.

Piece Hall trader Tina Turner, of For Heaven’s Cake! said: “This particular event is brilliant, friendly and lovely.”

“And, it’s so good to see the Piece Hall, full, vibrant and alive.”

She said everything should be done to encourage the show to return once redevelopment of the Piece Hall has taken place.

Mr Fawthrop said next year, and possibly the year after, the show would transfer to The Frontier, at Batley, as the Piece Hall - although remaining open - would not be able to host large events during its renovation.

But, with council support, he hoped it would return.

“It’s a great venue. Where else can you get something like this? - And it’s in our area.”