Binoculars at the ready for big bird watch

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GUARDIANS of Todmorden’s riverside turned twitchers for the day as they took part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch.

Members of Todmorden Riverside Improvement Group got out their binoculars and recorded the 16 different species they spotted at Tipside, on the banks of the River Calder near the town centre.

Group spokeswoman Penny Bennett said: “Because we’re by the river we always get lots of mallards and other ducks,” she said.

“We also got one or two that we’d not seen before on the birdwatch, like wren and coal-tits, although we knew they were here.”

The group has been looking after the site for 12 years and holds regular clean-ups there.

“It’s a really nice bit of open green space and it’s important for wildlife,” said Penny.