Black blaze clouds head towards Todmorden residents’ fear fumes

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HUGE black clouds are drifting into Todmorden due to a huge mill blaze at Littleborough.

Several fire crews are currently fighting the inferno caused by silos of solvents at the mill on Calderbrook Road.

The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service received more than 60 calls reporting the blaze shortly before 1 pm.

Crews from Littleborough and Rochdale found a number of silos of solvent on fire at the scene.

Walsden resident Lesley-Anne Fitzgerald said people were worried because of the possible effect from fumes.

“There is a huge black cloud overhead from an explosion in Littleborough which looks massive,” she said.

“Fire engines have gone past as well as rapid response vehicles.”

A Todmorden crew have now been called to the scene and more are on the way as commanders have called for 10 pumps.