Bodybuilder James wins gold

James Nuttall
James Nuttall

Muscle man James Nuttall has been crowned Yorkshire champion in a body building competition.

The 26-year-old, of Hollins Street, Triangle, entered the National Physique Association’s heavyweight novice category and came first - in only his second year of competing. Last year he came fourth in the same competition. James, who is in the Army in London, said: “I’d trained really hard and it all paid off. It was a dream come true.”

James trains every day when preparing for a competition and eats chicken, broccoli and skinless potatoes every three hours, after a breakfast of an egg white omlette and a porridge, banana, blueberries and protein powder smoothie.

In the evening, James would eat a fish meal and have a protein shake before the gym.

James’ first place win qualifies him for the British finals in Warwickshire in October and winning that would qualify him for the World finals.

He said: “My long term goal would be to be world chamption. I think everyone wants to be the best at their sport.”