‘Bogus’ wedding party in the dock

A BRIDE and groom arrested at their suspected sham wedding have appeared in court.

Michaela Sivakova, 22, and Ijaz Khalid, 28, are charged with conspiracy to assist unlawful entry to the UK and perjury.

Their ceremony at Calderdale Register Office, Halifax, was allegedly arranged for Khalid, a Pakistani living in Watford, to gain residency.

They are also accused of making false statements to get a marriage licence.

Sivlakova’s parents, Ruzana Sivakova, 42, and Michal Siva, 48, were charged with conspiracy.

The Czech family, of Spring Hall Place, Halifax, were bailed. Khalid was remanded in custody.

• The Courier video of the wedding arrests had been viewed by more than 29,000 readers by last night.