Boy, 9, airlifted to Leeds hospital after 30 foot rock fall in Todmorden

The air ambulance took the boy,9, to Leeds General Infirmary
The air ambulance took the boy,9, to Leeds General Infirmary

A nine-year-old boy suffered suspected head and back injuries after falling 30 feet down a steep slope and landing onto rocky ground in Todmorden.

The Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team received a request from Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) to assist in the evacuation of the boy in Frieldhurst Road on Monday at 3.58pm.

Initial reports indicated the youngster had potential head and back injuries.

Whilst the casualty was assessed by paramedics, CVSRT members provided safety cover and prepared a rope system to extract the boy from the gully.

Once he was comfortable and immobilised on a stretcher, the rope system was used to pull the casualty up the steep slope and then he was carried a short distance to the air ambulance, where he was transferred for transport to Leeds General Infirmary.

A spokesperson for CVSRT said: "We’ve since had an update on the casualty’s condition and fortunately he only suffered soft tissue damage despite the height of the fall and the rocky, uneven ground he landed on."

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