Boy’s tragic death in bath

Tragedy: nine-year-old Zayn Ali.
Tragedy: nine-year-old Zayn Ali.

A LITTLE boy suffering from epilepsy drowned after having a fit while in the bath.

An inquest yesterday heard that Zayn Ali was discovered by his mother at their home off Parkinson Lane in Halifax.

Desperate attempts were made to resuscitate the nine-year-old but he could not be saved.

Coroner Roger Whittaker said he had no criticism of Zayn’s mother, who had been asked by her son for some privacy, but he hopes parents of other epilepsy sufferers will be warned by the boy’s death and learn that their baths must be supervised.

“The only alternative is for the patient to shower where there is not chance of them falling into any depth of water,” he added.

Zayn, who was a pupil at Warley Road Primary School, had suffered several fits on the day he died.

His family had been told by doctors that he was suffering a brain tumour but a post mortem showed it was a “malformation of the neurones”.

The inquest heard Zayn would have been born with the defect, that it would have caused the epilepsy and that it would have been inoperable.

The only treatment was medication, which he was taking, to try to control the fits.

Mr Whittaker recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Speaking after Zayn’s death in November, his family and friends told the Courier he was “simply the best son” who “would do anything for anyone.”