Breakdown reports set to soar as millions return to work

Traffic in  Luddenden Foot
Traffic in Luddenden Foot

As millions of people begrudgingly return to work this morning, the AA is cheerfully warning that it will be one of the busiest of the year for car breakdowns.

The motoring organisation expects to attend to around 19,000 call-outs - 30 per cent more than on a normal Monday.

An AA/Populus survey of 16,165 AA members found that a third will have had at least one car standing unused throughout the festive period that will be relied on today.

The AA also warned that roads could be particularly busy this afternoon with families returning home ahead of the new school term.

AA patrolman of the year Mark Spowage said: “The first working day back in January is traditionally the busiest day of the year for breakdowns with flat batteries the main culprit.

“The issue is that many cars get left unused for up to a fortnight in often cold conditions, which causes the power output of the battery to drop.”