BREAKING: Exit Polls predict a big Conservative win

Exit Poll predicts a Tory victory.Exit Poll predicts a Tory victory.
Exit Poll predicts a Tory victory. | jpimedia
The Conservative's are predicted to win 368 seats.

Polling Stations for the 2019 General Election are closed.

The exit polls predict that the Conservative will win the 2019 General Election with a huge majority.

The Conservatives are predicted to win 368 seats, whilst Labour are predicted to win 191, 55 for SNP, 13 for Lib Dems, 1 for Green and 0 for the Brexit party.

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The Halifax and Calder Valley constituency ballots will be counted at North Bridge Leisure Centre.

The candidates for Halifax are: Labour's Holly Lynch, Conservative's Kashif Ali, Green's Bella Jessop, and Brexit's Sarah Wood.

The candidates for Calder Valley are: Conservative's Craig Whittaker, Labour's Josh Fenton-Glynn, Liberal Democrat's Javid Bashir and Liberal Party's Richard Phillips.

The Halifax Courier will be sharing the results throughout the night.