Bring on the good times

Elland District Partnership and local school children in Hullen Edge Park.
Elland District Partnership and local school children in Hullen Edge Park.

Elland will receive a cash boost of almost half a million pounds thanks to the sale of a former mill.

A total of £428,424 will be reinvested in the town following the sale of the Silk Mill on Dewsbury Road, according to Calderdale Council.

Hullen Edge skate park will be one of the sites to benefit by getting a £91,000 face lift.

The area will be refurbished as part of an open space contribution.

A further £100,000 will be used as an economic development contribution which will see the shops on Southgate given a boost.

The remaining £237,424 will be spent on affordable housing in the area.

The first half of the money was paid by the developer in January, with the second half due at the end of July.

However, the council have not given any indication when the money will be spent, or any specifics on what the improvements will entail.

Councillor David Hardy (Lib Dem, Elland) said: “Quite often the 106 money can become lost in the system and spent elsewhere, so it’s important we make sure the money is put back into Elland,” he said.

Joe Braithwaite, chairman of Elland and District Partnership, said he was delighted that the money would be coming in to the town.

“There’s been a lot of money spent in Calderdale but not in Elland, we haven’t got our share,” he said.

“I think Elland has already got a lot going for it, and we welcome the money being spent here,” he added.

The former Marshfield Mill site was sold to developers Clayton Homes in 2007, but the company went into liquidation in August 2009.

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