Brooksbank joins ground-breaking art exhibition

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Brooksbank School, Elland will present a ground-breaking art exhibition; The Elemental North. This bravura collection aims to capture the artistic spirit of the North and opens on Tuesday, January 20.

The school is partnering leading London Art Gallery, Messum’s Fine Art, and this joint venture is believed to be the first of its kind.

The exhibition features the work of two renowned Northern artists, Jake Attree and David Blackburn.

It also introduces the work of several extremely talented students, some of whom have already exhibited at Messum’s Fine Art Gallery in Cork Street, London.

The exhibitions are being held simultaneously in London and Elland (Jan 20-30), and offers students the chance to experience every facet involved in promoting and selling art.

The Elemental North will be on view in the Arthaus and brings together bold and visually stimulating works of art.

Headteacher at Brooksbank School, Kevin McCallion said: “The arts play an integral part in the lives of all the students here at Brooksbank.

“ In our experience the arts produce confident, self-disciplined, creative, flexible and innovative youngsters who work well in teams and are able to express their ideas using a wide range of strategies: exactly the sort of people with whom employers are looking for.

“This exhibition illustrates everything I find remarkable about Brooksbank School and our incredible arts staff.

“ The seamless manner in which colleagues and friends from Messum’s have integrated with teachers, students and artists has been truly inspirational and has produced a wonderful exhibition.”

All of the works are priced for sale and the exhibition is supported by a fully illustrated catalogue with texts by Mr McCallion and Messum’s Founder and Chairman, David Messum.

For more information on the exhibition and to book a viewing visit