Brownies earn their dance badge

Christ Church Brownies
Christ Church Brownies

More than 20 Brownies from Christ Church in Pellon were put through their paces for their dance badge recently.

The group learnt about traditional techniques like ballet, tap and jazz as well as learning and performing a rock and roll routine and contemporary dance while using drums to accompany the piece.

Amanda Laycock and Jessie Wade-Rathbone.

Amanda Laycock and Jessie Wade-Rathbone.

The session was lead by dance teacher Amanda Laycock, owner of A.L.L. Dance, and assisting her was 11-year-old Jessie Wade-Rathbone, who also has recently helped the Brownies gain another badge in disability awareness.

Amanda Laycock, from the Christ Church Brownies, said: “They are an inclusive and supportive group to all that attend the sessions. They work together and treat all with respect and value and encourage each other’s efforts and success.

“Jessie is an inspiration to all. She shows such courage and helps others understand how to dance or do sports from her wheelchair.”

All Brownies passed the dance badge with flying colours.

Amanda said: “They all worked really hard and were a joy to teach.

“It was fantastic to work alongside Jessie again as she is an inspiration and I am very proud of her.”

The brownies will receive their badges shortly.