Brute is locked up

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A DAD-OF-TWO dragged his ex-girlfriend down the stairs by an ankle, knocked her out and throttled her – then told police she deserved it.

James Dennington, 24, has been locked up for nine months after admitting assaulting Kyra Sunderland, causing actual bodily harm.

A court heard he turned up on her doorstep two days after their two-year relationship came to an end and accused her of cheating on him.

Prosecutor Kathryn Walsh said Miss Sunderland was in bed at 10.45am on February 6 when she heard him banging on her front door.

When she opened it, he threatened to kill her and demanded to know who his love rival was.

Miss Sunderland ran from him, but he grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her back down.

“When she was lying on the stairs, he banged her head against the steps,” said Miss Walsh.

“At that point, she believes she fell unconscious because the next thing she remembers is the defendant standing over her with his hands around her neck.

“He was squeezing tight, then kicked her in the head and face.”

Miss Sunderland managed to struggle free and ran to the home of a neighbour, who had heard her screams and called police.

An officer who attended described her t-shirt as being “ripped to shreds” and noted bruising to her neck where Dennington had strangled her.

Dennington, of Ryecroft Terrace, Pellon, Halifax, admitted attacking her but denied threatening to kill her.

“He said he wasn’t proud of the assault and was sorry but felt she deserved a bit of it because he’d previously told her he’d slap her if she cheated on him,” said Miss Walsh.

Judge Peter Benson said such a comment gave him “cause for great concern”.

He said: “You went round there intending to mete out punishment.”