Bully jailed for threats to knife ex-girlfriend

a DANGEROUS bully who brandished a knife at his ex-girlfriend and threatened to kill her while high on drink and drugs has been locked up.

Jason O’Donnell, 22, attacked Lauren Cahill after a night out with friends in Halifax, and at one point hit her as she held their one-year-old son, a court heard.

He had been drinking heavily and taking the class B drug M-cat, before going on a violent rampage as the group walked home.

Kathryn Stuckey told Bradford Crown Court he punched the bonnet of a van and challenged its owner to a fight when he confronted him. He then kicked a car wing-mirror and destroyed a fence before turning his aggression on Miss Cahill.

He called her abusive names, threw a plastic recycling box at her head, and later kicked and beat her as she lay on the pavement.

“She recalls that the defendant was laughing at her as he did this,” said Miss Stuckey.

Friends dragged him off her and they made their way to a flat where one of the group lived. But O’Donnell got in a fight with another man there and left.

Miss Cahill had to go with O’Donnell to his parents’ house to pick up her son, who had been staying there . She and her friend Chantelle Johnson planned to collect the boy and leave straight away.

But O’Donnell cornered Miss Cahill and grabbed a knife.

“He held it to her stomach and said he was going to kill her. He said he wouldn’t be happy until she was dead.” said Miss Stuckey.

O’Donnell then threatened to stab himself and make it look like she had done it.

Miss Johnson called a taxi so the pair could escape but O’Donnell sent the driver away. Miss Cahill then tried to phone police but he hurled her phone to the floor, smashing the screen.

Hearing the commotion, his parents came downstairs but he carried on beating and kicking her - at one point as she held their young child.

O’Donnell, who has a history of domestic violence against Miss Cahill, was made the subject of a non-molestation order against her last June.

He admitted breaching it and also pleaded guilty to assault, making threats to kill, and four counts of criminal damage.

Abby Langford, for O’Donnell, said: “His recollection of that day is very little because of the large amount of alcohol he had consumed and the drugs he had taken.”

A pre-sentence report said: “On this combination of mind-altering substances, he is quite capable of killing himself or those in his immediate vicinity.”

Judge Jonathan Rose, who called him an immature, dangerous bully, sentenced O’Donnell to a total of two years behind bars.

He said: “I have no doubt in my mind that you’re capable of causing really serious harm to your former partner, and potentially your own son and members of the public.”