Burial mix-up: Police vow to find truth

A POLICE chief has vowed “no stone would be left unturned” in the Christopher Alder investigation.

A body believed to be his was recently examined for identification, with family agreement, to determine beyond doubt it is his.

Further forensic tests are now being taken to compare DNA samples and the results are expected within three weeks.

His sister, Janet Alder, of Halifax, is pushing for answers in the mix-up - and circumstances surrounding his death in a Hull Police Station.

South Yorkshire Police are piecing together events of the burial blunder and the Ministry of Justice is expected to agree the exhumation of the grave in which it was believed Mr Alder was buried in November 2000.

It is now believed that grave contains the body of Grace Kamara who died in 1999.

Detective Supt Richard Fewkes said: “It is imperative that this investigation leaves no stone unturned to establish the truth surrounding these events so that the appropriate and proportionate action can be taken to address any wrong doing. Officers will work to provide the families of Christopher Alder and Grace Kamara with the answers they need.”