1,000 fight town’s ‘pay to park’ plans

Opposed: Lesley Adams in the centre of Brighouse
Opposed: Lesley Adams in the centre of Brighouse

MORE than 1,000 people have backed a campaign to stop parking charges being brought in on the streets of Brighouse.

The petition was started by Lesley Adams, chairman of Brighouse Business Initiative, because of fears that Calderdale Council would introduce charges in the three free car parks and on the streets in the town centre.

It will be handed in at the next full meeting of the council on April 25.

Mrs Adams said: “We are heartened by the response and it is obvious that parking charges are not what the traders or shoppers in Brighouse want.

“We are still collecting names and there is time if people still want to sign.

“We hope councillors will take on board our argument that introducing parking charges threatens to undermine all the good work done by shops and businesses in making Brighouse attractive.”

Mrs Adams said she was fairly confident councillors would not agree to parking charges in the near future but said she would still hand in the petition to demonstrate the strength of the oppostion.

“We want to show councillors that people in Brighouse do not want to pay for on-street parking,” she said.

“Brighouse town centre is now being held up as an example of what can be achieved and parking charges could spoil that.”

Calderdale councillor Barry Collins (Lab, Illingworth and Mixenden), Cabinet member for economy and the environment, said parking charges were always a controversial issue that raised strong feelings.

He said the council’s parking review, which suggested that £500,000 would need to be raised from parking in 2013-14, was still on the table but that no decision would be made until after the May elections.