Asda returns with its plans for Elland store

Proposed Asda store for Elland
Proposed Asda store for Elland
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ASDA has re-submitted plans for a new supermarket at Dewsbury Road, Elland.

It was originally deferred by planners last May for Asda to discuss alternative highway schemes with officers.

Now, the supermarket has put the scheme back before planners with no amendments for a decision to be made. Council officers are recommending refusal at next Tuesday’s planning meeting. Asda wouldn’t confirm that a decision was being sought to open the way for a planning appeal.

“We are declining to comment on this one,” said an Asda spokesman.

Since the previous application permission has been granted for a new Morrison’s store at Briggate, Elland, where development work is now underway.

Planners say that impacts on the assessment of the Asda application but whether or not capacity exists for both Asda and Morrison’s is not a factor.