Avoid ‘Groundhog Day’ marketing

Lee Kenny (left) from Snowflake Media,
Lee Kenny (left) from Snowflake Media,

In the film “Groundhog Day” Phil Connors (played by Bill Murray) finds himself stuck in a time-loop with every day starting the same way. Sadly, most businesses, especially online, take the same approach: different day, same activity and same results.

98 percent of people disappear each day

Thanks to the free Google Analytics software (www.google.co.uk/Analytics) any business can see how many people visit their site.

The average e-commerce website has a conversion rate of under two per cent. By conversions I mean the number of sales or desired actions (newsletter sign ups, requests for a call back or inquiry) divided by the number of unique people who visited the site.

The 98 per cent of people who left the site without taking any action remain anonymous to you as the business owner. This leaves you having to work hard in the hope that some of those visitors may come back in the future. The good news is this is entirely avoidable.

The value is in the list

The old saying goes that “the value is in the list”. Most businesses want to get a sale, so they have a name, so they can remarket to them later. This usually connects two customers for every 100 visitors to the site

Great businesses offer something for free or valuable in exchange for a customer’s contact information. Depending on what’s offered this can consistently be higher than 10 per cent and we have some clients as high as 30 per cent.

So now instead of engaging with two people your business could engage 30 people for every 100 visitors and have an ability to talk to them long into the future. How much of an impact would that have on your business?

The top three ways to encourage someone to share their contact details with you:

l A special report or “How to” document

l Entry into a competition (make sure it’s a relevant prize to your business)

l Discount vouchers or coupons