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Bird Board
Bird Board

Local businesswoman Frances Day is returning home to Halifax and bringing her venture Bird Board with her.

Bird Board is a group of experienced women who provide solutions to real life work issues, such as managing staff or launching a new product to market.

Bird Board started in 2014 after Frances realised there was gap in the market for a support group of like-minded business women.

Frances has nearly 30 years’ experience in marketing and runs marketing agency, Marketing Doctor.

She is a chartered marketer and has worked in retail, finances and education.

Originally from Halifax, Frances has recently moved back to her home town after ten years of living in Leeds.

She said: “Although friends and family mean well, they don’t have the experience and knowledge that other business owners have.

“Women not only have their own unique business challenges, trying to balance work with family and home life, they also naturally have nurturing and supportive personalities.

“It was important to create an environment where they felt they could share anything that they needed to in confidence.”

Bird Board in South Leeds is already flying with a full membership and has been meeting regularly for the last two years.

Halifax Bird Board met for the first time yesterday at The Tower House, near Sowerby Bridge.