Biscuits made in Halifax give Nestle sweet profits

PRODUCTS made in a Halifax factory have helped increase sales for according to Nestle’s annual figures.

Aero and Rolo Biscuits, made at the company’s factory at Albion Mills, Halifax, helped to drive sales during 2011.

A report from the company said that in confectionery chocolate multipacks saw a 17.20 per cent increase in sales.

It said: “Nestlé Confectionery continued growth driven by the core brands with exceptional growth from AERO® and Rowntrees up 17.6 per cent and 16.8 per cent respectively with Rolo up 31.5 per cent.

“There were also continued innovations in confectionery including Kit Kat Pop Chocs, Rolo and Aero biscuits, Aero Caramel, and the expansion of the Rowntree’s offering including Sour Pastilles, Jelly Aliens and Very Berry Jellies.”

Halifax staff have produced 400 tonnes of Rolo Biscuits - more than three million packs of six - since their launch in July last year.

That combined with the launch of the Aero biscuits earlier in the year created 20 jobs at the factory.

After Eight production has also moved to the site this year bringing another 60 jobs.

Quality Street, Walnut Whips and more than 20 million Easter eggs are also produced by the 550 employees at the Albion Mills site.

Nestlé UK & Ireland Chairman & CEO Paul Grimwood said: “2011 was a strong year for Nestlé UK & Ireland despite the difficult economic climate.”