Brewery reach landmark

Co-owners of Slightly Foxed Brewing Company, Matt Bell (left) and Simon Trapp (right)
Co-owners of Slightly Foxed Brewing Company, Matt Bell (left) and Simon Trapp (right)

Award-winning Slightly Foxed Brewing Company have just supplied their one millionth pint of ale.

The Sowerby Bridge-based company was founded in 2011 by local businessmen Matt Bell and CAMRA award-winning landlord Simon Trapp.

The landmark was stumbled upon by its founders, who were delighted to uncover the figure.

Matt said: “Recently we were going over some mundane figures and record keeping, and suddenly realised we were on the cusp of a massive milestone.

“Someone, somewhere was about to sit down and enjoy a pint of one of the Slightly Foxed beers for the millionth time.

“We had to keep checking the figures, as it seemed so incredible considering that we started the business from scratch what feels like only a few years ago!

“We are so proud of this achievement, as its a really competitive marketplace, but we have enjoyed sustained growth throughout. “Additionally, each award we win cements us further as a good quality brewery.”

Slightly Foxed now sells its products nationally, doing particularly well in city centre bars, but it’s heartland is still very much Calderdale pubs.

Matt added: “We have created over a dozen different ales since we started, and although its impossible to know who actually drank the exact millionth pint, where and which of our beers that was, it’s such a satisfying feeling. We’re absolutely chuffed.”