Brighouse business is brewing up a roaring trade

Tony Buckle
Tony Buckle

A Brighouse business is brewing up a roaring trade selling home brew beer and wine kits.

Wicked Brew was opened by Tony Buckle in October last year after he got into making wine kits for his wife before spending his weekends at a friend’s house learning how to craft beers from grains and hops until he took the step to make his own.

Since taking over the shop at Kershaw’s Garden Centre at Hove Edge, the premises have had a complete refurbishment and business has been brisk.

“Right from the off it’s been crazily busy,” said Tony. “On an average-to-good day we’ll have 20 to 25 customers spending a minimum of £30, from absolute bieginners to people who run wine clubs and enter competitions.

“If you look at what’s happening in Great Britain with craft beers and micro-breweries, these are helping the home brew market because people are having craft beers and wanting to make them at home.

“I started off with one win kit and two beer kits and thought what I was making was better that what I could buy in the supermarket or get at a pub.

“Pubs aren’t doing so well either these days with the smoking ban and rising prices.”

Tony, who lives in Wyke, is already planning on expanding his business after the successful start with Wicked Brewing.

He added: “I’m not here to run just this on eshop until I retire. I’ve got plans to open a second shop in a couple of years and go online.

“The internet is our biggest rival because they can sell it cheaper than we can in shops.”