Broadband contract for Tatra Plastics

A village company has another reason to celebrate its 50th anniversary after being awarded a government contract to help provide broadband throughout Britain.

Tatra Plastics Manufacturing, in Norwood Green, has won the contract to provide components for the Government’s Super Connected Cities Internet programme.

It is supplying a range of specially-created fibre optic cable housings and couplings for commercial and domestic users across the country.

The contract win comes as the company celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Company chairman Paul Freud said: “As online connectivity becomes more essential for businesses and more important and widely specified to consumers, this new range of components will provide the infrastructure that companies and individuals need to get the most out of their high-speed broadband connections.”

The fibre optic housing products are designed to accommodate any route that may be required to take the cable into the user’s building. They are made from weather and wear resistant polymer material by Tatra Plastics. Exterior components incorporate gas block connections that prevent leakage into the premises from naturally occurring ground source gases.

The Tatra components will eventually replace the existing familiar plastic cable box housings currently used in millions of homes and offices nationwide.