Buy your own funeral plan!

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An open day will be held for people to buy their own funeral plan.

Lawrence Funeral Service stages the event on Tuesday, August 7, from 10 am at Green Hayes, Bell Hall, Halifax.

Funeral plans were first introduced to the UK in 1985 and over 750,000 have been bought.

Mrs Anne Martin, Funeral Director, said “People often purchase a funeral plan to make sure their families don’t have to make difficult decisions about their funeral arrangements.”

Lawrence Funeral Service is part of Dignity Caring Funeral Services.

Dignity is the market leader in funeral planning and has sold over 415,000 funeral plans in the UK and the market is said to be growing by 30 per cent annually.

Payments are held in an independent trust fund managed by independent trustees to ensure the funeral arrangements are secure.

The Funeral Planning Authority recommends that potential purchasers of a funeral plan should exercise care when considering buying what they believe to be a funeral plan.

They should ensure the plan provider is legitimate and financially viable and that the plan terms are designed to deliver the outcome that they desire.