Cake firm offers few crumbs of comfort

McVities, Halifax
McVities, Halifax

Workers at the McVitie’s Cake Company in Halifax are unhappy over changes to shift patterns which could result in them being £3k out-of-pocket.

The 40 affected staff are also concerned at the potential loss of jobs at the plant.

The Unite union says the the company wants to change shifts due to contractual changes with a customer.

The workers earn about £24,500 and have been told their current 24/7 shift patterns will be changed to a 24 hour shift system, Monday to Friday, with the workers being available for work on 17 Saturdays a year, but only being required for 11. This could see their pay packets slump by between £3,100 and £4,400, depending on overtime worked, according to the union which is consulting members over possible action.

A spokesperson for parent group United Biscuits said the proposals improved efficiency and effectiveness.

“Should this restructure go ahead, we envisage a maximum of eight roles would be potentially identified as redundant and approximately 30 roles in total potentially affected by changes to shift patterns.

“Wherever possible we will look to minimise the impact of the proposed restructure for employees and there are 10 vacant roles in other parts of the business which have been identified as potential redeployment opportunities.”