Calderdale councillors wave goodbye to their pay rise

COUNCILLORS have unanimously agreed to forego any increase in their allowances in 2012/13.

They could have accepted a customary rise in-line with inflation but decided at their monthly meeting that it would be inappropriate.

Last year, Calderdale councillors took a 5 per cent pay cut leaving all 51 on £9,931 a year, with additional amounts for chairing committees, sitting on the cabinet and other special responsibilities.

The council’s Liberal democrat leader Janet Battye is paid an additional £29,794 and Labour leader Tim Swift receives an additional £14,894 as deputy leader of the council.

Cabinet members receive a special responsibility allowance worth £11,918 and the leader of the largest minority party, Stephen Baines (Con) gets £11,918 on top of his basic allowance.

If they produce receipts, councillors can claim up to £9.24 for a working lunch and £11.43 for their evening meal, plus a car user allowance of up to 52.2p per mile.

*The number of meetings for each scrutiny panel is to be reduced from 15 to 10 each year so that councillors can spend more time looking at policies and issues in detail.