Chancellor sees the best of British!

George Osborne with MP Craig Whittaker and  Lee Rynolds at KT Hydraulics, Elland
George Osborne with MP Craig Whittaker and Lee Rynolds at KT Hydraulics, Elland

Chancellor George Osborne saw Olympic gold on Saturday and followed that with a visit to Elland companies leading the way in their own fields.

Mr Osborne said Britain still had a lot to be proud about including London 2012 and thriving businesses.

He toured the new factory of KT Hydraulics at Dewsbury Road which provides complex hydraulic systems for plants run by companies such as Siemens Gas Turbines, Shell and BP.

Mr Osborne also visited Decorative Panels Components Ltd which recently centralised its operations on on the Lowfields Business Park where it produces kitchen and bedroom carcases.

He also learned about Boxford which makes machine tools for training and it also recently located to Dewsbury Road, Elland.

During his visit to KT Hydraulics Mr Osborne said the company was successfully selling its products to Australia, Angola and Russia.

“Oil and gas installations around the world want British products,” he said.

Mr Osborne said the Government was committed to getting banks to lend to firms to help them expand and that is why the Funding for Lending scheme was recently launched to enable banks to access cheaper funding.

“We must not choke-off businesses,” he said.

“Without business there are no jobs, tax revenues and a NHS we can properly fund.”

Mr Osborne said he spent the best hour of his life in the Olympic stadium last Saturday where he watched the British gold rush.

And, through difficult economic times there were still success stories in Britain

“The Olympic Games has shown the world that Britain does things well,” he said.

“And, the Government will help banks lend to companies like KT to help them export all round the world.”