Christmas beer launched to preserve a bird - and a name

A SPECIAL beer has been brewed in Cragg Vale to help the endangered twite.

The ground-nesting birds – once a common sight in Calderdale – have suffered an alarming drop in numbers over recent years.

The beer, called Light Twite Pale Ale, is brewed at the Little Valley Brewery in Cragg Vale, near Hebden Bridge.

And the ale has now found one very keen supporter.

Laurence Twite, from Ilkley, travelled to Hebden Bridge to buy two cases of the beer for Christmas.

Mr Twite feels for the endangered bird as, not only do they share their name, but he also feels his family population is shrinking.

He said: “There’s not many of us left now.

“I’m the only Twite in the Bradford phone directory.

“And as I have three grand-daughters, this branch of the family name will end here.”

Light Twite Pale Ale is brewed to promote the work of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, in partnership with Pennine Prospects, which over the last year has secured nearly £5m for heritage, landscape and community projects in the south Pennines.

The twite only breeds in the south Pennines and the population is said to have dropped 90 per cent over the last 14 years.

Help has been given to the dwindling species by sowing twite-friendly food over 27 acres of moorland.