Decisions made on wind turbine projects

Halifax Town Hall
Halifax Town Hall

Decisions were made on two applications to install wind turbines - one at Barkisland and one at Cragg Vale.

Calderdale Council’s Planning Committee backed proposals for a medium-scale 250kW wind turbine on a 30 metre mast at land south of Gosling Lane, Barkisland.

An objector to the proposals alleged that council officers had ignored concerns raised through local residents, and accused them of not including objections sent by email in their report.

He said: “It would appear that any facts which would darken the application are omitted from the report.

“I feel that all information should be made available to the committee - both good and bad to make a fair and informed decision.”

An application to install two 11kW wind turbines on an 18.3 metre mast at land east of Folly Hall Farm, Clattering Stones, Cragg Vale, was turned down on the grounds that the turbine would have a high visual impact.

The proposals were opposed by Hebden Royd Town Council. Coun Simon Young (Lab, Luddendenfoot) said: “We have a responsibility to promote renewable energy, but not at the cost of visually stunning countryside.”