Eureka launch range of toys

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Eureka has launched a bespoke range of toys designed, made and packaged in Yorkshire for children aged 6 years and above.

The build-your-own range has been created to appeal to inquisitive children and grown-ups alike and inspires learning through building, making, basic engineering and construction.

The products were designed exclusively for Eureka by Small Machines, Sheffield-based toy makers and experts in designing and creating laser-cut toys for all ages.

Eureka’s first product range includes five kits, and signals the start of an ambition to extend the Eureka licensing programme.

The range features a multi-gear engineering creation featuring an array of cogs, a build your own lion, a build your own marble adventure, a get creative painting set and a pop out Zoom the Robot.

Michelle Emerson, Eureka’s marketing and development director, said: “We’ve been incredibly lucky to work with Small Machines on the design and development of this range of products.

“They have created a range of products which perfectly suit our audience.

“We’re really pleased we’ve managed to work with a local maker, local designers and even a local packaging company to launch our first range.”

Giles Grover, founder of Small Machines, said “I used to live in Halifax, all of my children have grown up visiting Eureka! so I’m really happy to be in a position to add value to the museum.”