Facebook success for business in just seven days

Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media
Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media

If you own a business, there’s a good chance that you worry about generating more sales and leads.

You may also have dabbled at Facebook and Twitter with little or no sustainable success?

Whether you are starting from zero or have a page that just isn’t performing, here’s a seven-day fast-start plan anyone can do which will guarantee to see a lift in fans and interactions.

Day 1: Make sure your Facebook page is fully optimised. (Time needed? 15 minutes)

Take a look at the About us section. Is it strong? Does it say what you want it to? Most people rushed through this section when they first joined.

Day 2: Schedule 2-3 stories for each of the next 7 days (20 minutes)

Try and get creative here. 15-20 per cent can be sales related, the rest needs to be things of interest to your audience. That might be the weather, local issues, fashion, celebrity, Football. Things that your fans and followers think about when they aren’t buying from you.

Day 3: Invite People to like the page (10 minutes)

If starting from zero invite your friends and family. Also upload any email databases you have in to Facebooks invite system and it will invite those people to like your page the next time they log on to Facebook

Day 4: Add a retargeting pixel to your website (5 minutes)

Go to Facebook adverts and create a retargeting pixel.

It’s a piece of code that your web designer can add to your website.

This then creates a list of people who’ve visited your website and have Facebook accounts.

Day 5: Create a valuable giveaway (30 minutes)

This could be a voucher, a how-to video or perhaps a special report that would only appeal to someone who is interested in what you have to offer. Importantly you only give this to people who are willing to share their contact information with you.

This allows you to contact them in the future with relevant information and to keep it relevant!

Day 6: Create a lookalike audience (5 minutes)

Facebook has a function within the advertising section to create a lookalike audience.

They pick 2000 characteristics and match your existing database or page followers and identify people with similar interests.

This takes us to day seven.

Day 7: Create and run advertising (20-30 minutes)

If you want to see fast sales and increases in relevant page likes you need to spend some money on advertising.

Start by advertising to your lookalike audience and go from there.

A business with a reasonable advert spending £3 per day should generate between 200 and 400 page likes per month. It is then up to you to market that valuable giveaway to get people interacting with you away from Facebook.