Fair Tax Mark for IT company

Tom Stanley from Urban IT Support
Tom Stanley from Urban IT Support

A Calderdale IT business has been awarded the Fair Tax Mark, a new system showing the public which companies are paying their fair share of tax.

Urban IT Support Ltd provides IT Support to homes and businesses around Calderdale.

Founder Tom Stanley said: “The mark helps comapnies disclose accounts publically to keep vital public services running - and the issue is something the general public are very passionate on at the moment.

“I believe that this is the first company in Calderdale that has received the award. Other notable companies receiving the award include SSE Energy and the GoAhead group.”

Since Urban IT Support was formed a few years ago, the company has placed a proud emphasis on ethics and paying the correct amount of tax.

The Fair Tax Mark is a way for Urban IT support and other similar sized companies to show that they care about the UK, and aren’t simply driven by profit.

At the time of applying for the Fair Tax Mark, Urban IT Support only had abbreviated accounts.

The company now publishes full accounts.

The Fair Tax Mark team provided guidance to help them make public declarations on their tax position, as well as assist in embedding best practice into the growing company.

Tom added: “Companies that do not pay corporation tax starve public services of investment and undercut legitimate businesses who pay their fair share.”